All of our lessons are formatted for one to three people, providing an intimate environment. Learn and grow at your own pace. 

Martinez Dance Studios is paramount in the dance community because of our attention to detail and authenticity of each dance style. With a strong focus on musicality and a deep understanding of rhythm, you will soon understand why Martinez Dance Studios has been fostering the love in dance in New York CIty for over 25 years. 

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American and Latin Style Ballroom

Dance Division

American ballroom styles including the energetic lindy hop, foxtrot, and hustle as well as the elegant waltz. Study the percussive and sensual latin styles of Cha-Cha, rumba, bachata, and merengue. Suitable for absolute beginners or advanced students.

New York Style Salsa On 2

Dance Division

Working from basic steps and patterns to advanced shines and partnering, we continue to focus on musicality and developing style and rhythm. Martinez Dance Studios unique style pays homage to our latin roots but interplays house and other dance styles, creating a new and exciting brand of Salsa Fusion.

Argentine Tango

Dance Division

Seeped in tradition and sensuality, private tango lessons explore interpretive musicality and improvisation. Action and reaction drive this expressive style. 

Street Styles

Dance Division

 Learn to dance driven by the beat. Musicality, style and rhythm are key to becoming a well versed dancer. Starting with a foundational warm up tailored to your skill level; we break down elements of hip hop, house and other street styles.

Performance Classes

Dance Division

Available in all styles. For students with commitment, a desire to show off and feel the thrill and excitement of live performance. Study two to three times a week and perform at theater, events, and competitions. Student showcases are offered every 2 to 3 months.

Your First Dance

Wedding Crasher Division

On a day to celebrate your love with family and friends, the last worry on your mind should be your first dance as a married couple! Let Martinez Dance Studios choreograph and guide you through a routine as simple or as challenging as you need. Wedding Crasher lessons are the perfect way to put the stress of planning your wedding out the window and focus on what's important - how you work together as a couple.

MMA Training

Personal Training Division

Mixed Martial Arts classes taught by Master instructor, Bernard, are natural cross training to your private dance class.

Personal Training

Personal Training Division

Personalized sessions with a full warm up and cool down focusing on 3 areas of training: Core, MMA, and Dance.


Personal Training Division

The original dance cardio workout! Burn calories and sweat in this fun yet challenging class. Large group and event rates available upon request.


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