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Performance Based Living

Martinez Dance Studio in New York City was created in 1997. Specializing in improvisation for social dancing we also offer a strong curriculum for those getting ready for performance. Our founding principles of Precision, Rhythm, and Authenticity drive Performance Based Living.

With our private dance lessons, you can learn the technique and the precision of ballroom as well as finding the rhythm and the soul of authentic dancing.

A place where incredible street dancing meets professional ballroom dancing.

A place where movement, numbers, and soul mix to create authentic dancing.

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Your Key to Success

Meet our talented team of instructors at Martinez Dance Studios. Focused on teaching exceptional technique and creating unforgettable experiences, our team is committed to our dancers’ satisfaction and success. Read through our instructors’ bios below, and if you’d like to set up an introductory meeting don’t hesitate to reach out.


Founder, Owner, Instructor

Israel Martinez set out to create a dance studio that dissolves the lines between ballroom dancing and authentic Latin dancing.  A studio where every dance is nurtured and enjoyed. These ambitions were realized through the creation of Martinez Dance Studios.
Mr. Martinez is also the creator and Director of Umbrella Theatre Company (formerly Taino Dance Theatre) devoted to developing community and unity through the performing arts. 
He contributes his success to strong family values of love, music, and kindness. Mr. Martinez grew up in a performance household - his father Israel "Chamaco" Martinez as well as his uncle - both accomplished musicians, singers, and dancers.
A New York City native with over 25 years experience teaching, competing, and performing in numerous dance styles Israel and Martinez Dance Studios invite you to join our community.


Assistant Instructor

israel portrait.jpg

Lisa has studied with Martinez Dance Studied in various styles. Her sharp wit and drive lead to a steady progression through lessons in salsa and complex partnering. Now, as an assistant instructor, Lisa is excited to share her love of salsa with you.

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